About Together We Served

If you or a loved one has served our country as a member of the United States Armed Forces, then you've come to the right place.

Together We Served (TWS) is the leading online community connecting and honoring every American who has worn the uniform of the United States military. This is where you reconnect with old service-friends and share your service story as a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Nearly Two Decades & Growing

TWS launched in 2003 with a website specifically for Marine Corps Veterans. Since then, we've expanded to five websites, welcoming members from the U.S. Navy, Air Force, Army and Coastguard. Our vision: to create a unique place for all service-members, past and present, run by service members, sharing real-life history IN THEIR OWN WORDS. TWS is detailed, honest, and real: an authentic recounting of history as-it-happens.

Today, TWS has more than 2 million members and has reconnected more servicemen and women than any other website or organization. Reunions happen every day. Some veterans haven't seen each other in more than 50 years. Some are healed through the reconnections made here. Still others find old friends they thought lost forever. These miraculous stories are inspirational.

A Larger Purpose

On the surface, TWS is a powerful Veteran search engine. However, there is a much larger purpose, one we hope you'll participate in. TWS is a living, breathing national archive of the most important events in our nations' history.

Each story and profile here takes its rightful, permanent place in our collective consciousness. In this new, virtual world, every time you log on, share a photograph, recall an experience, or find a comrade, you are contributing to what will be the most intriguing, comprehensive and expandable military archive available.

Our Roll of Honor is a gift to every family who has lost a loved one in service - a personalized online memorial they can contribute to, preserve, and share for posterity. More than 100,000 profiles of Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen and Coastguardsmen who died while serving in all major U.S. conflicts since WWII already exist here.

Our work is hardly complete. There are currently just over 19 million veterans; nearly 50% are from the Vietnam, Korean and WWII era and are aging fast. We are in a race against time to capture their stories now, while we still can.

What Is Your Story?

If you have served this country, you are already a part of this community. And your old service-friends are waiting for you. Welcome to the most important online presentation of our nations' military history available.

Welcome to Together We Served.

Very Respectfully
Brian A. Foster
President and Founder, Together We Served
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